Amit Bhatnagar Diamond Power Infrastructure MD

Vadodara base Amit Bhatnagar is Diamond power infrastructure md. Amit Suresh Bhatnagar, B.E., M.B.A., AIM, is the Managing Director of Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd (formerly known as Diamond Cables Ltd). He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering (gold medalist) from Saurashtra University and MBA in Finance & MOP with a gold medal from the Asian Institute of Management, Manila.

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Diamond Power Infrastructure’s Footsteps Towards Saving Mother Nature

In the view of ever-increasing urbanization Diamond Power Infrastructure has taken up a tree plantation initiative towards correcting the ecological imbalance in Mother Nature. “Someone is sitting in shade today, because someone planted a tree long time ago”

India is Investing into the future so are we ……

2014-15 was a proud year for us at diamond power infrastructure. the government of india for Hon. prime minister’s flagship program – Swaccha bharat, nominated   Amit Bhatnagar Diamond Power Infrastructure MD  among the eminent national brand ambassadors.  He has been actively involved in social integration initiatives and cleanliness as well as upkeep of the city... Continue Reading →

Amit Bhatnagar Diamond Power

Amit bhatnagar is from vadodara, MD of Diamond Power infrastructure.Amit Bhatnagar was also awarded the 'Udyog Ratan' award for 2007-08 by the Government of India. He is also one of the founders of Vadodara Marathon' and is an Executive Committee Member of the Bal Gokulam, a children shelter established by the Government.

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