Diamond Power Infrastructure’s Footsteps Towards Saving Mother Nature

Tree Plantation Activities

In the view of ever-increasing urbanization Diamond Power Infrastructure has taken up a tree plantation initiative towards correcting the ecological imbalance in Mother Nature.

“Someone is sitting in shade today, because someone planted a tree long time ago”

– are the golden words spoken by Warren Buffet. Our Company believing in the golden words conducts plantation of tree saplings, hereby promoting afforestation.

Management of Vehicle

Traffic Road Transport is one of the major causes of global warming. To eliminate the same to some extent, our Company has been encouraging ‘Public Transport’ as a measure of reduction in the emission of green house gases, ultimately promoting sustainable development. Our Company Support Vadodara Traffic Education Trust being helping the city and the citizens to overcome traffic problems and hurdles and also to educate people on traffic rules and to ensure that they are being followed.

Ek tha water

Water and life are inseparable. It is nature’s gift to mankind and is the single most essential component of sustaining life on earth. With rapid urbanization and industrialization water all around is getting polluted and potable water is becoming scarce. Diamond Power addressing this concern has launched a campaign “EkTha Water – Running successfully, till water runs out” with an objective of making the people of the society aware about the importance of water. Drop by drop an ocean is formed; our efforts just do not end here, we have just filled a pond and in the future to come we’ll fill this pond with many drops in the form of our effort for the betterment of the society with the help of our valuable stakeholders.



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